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Chameleon 5 Color Tops

Chameleon 5 Color Tops

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Color Tops let users easily create smooth, seamless colour-to-colour blends.

Traditional methods of blending colours with marker pens require multiple pen colours and a lot of skill, and can be quite time-consuming and laborious. With Chameleon's new system, the process is quick and easy. Anybody can do it because the pen literally does the blending for you!

How It Works:
Simply pop a Chameleon Color Top on top of a Chameleon Pen. Rather than blending two colours on the page, blend colours at the source (nib) instead, for beautiful, smooth and seamless colour blends. One colour just flows into the other! Even opposite colours like and orange and green can be blended together without a seam.

Please note: Chameleon Color Tones Pens are required for use.


Demo Video 1

Demo Video 2

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