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Paints & Colours

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  • Folia

    Folia product range includes the areas of handicrafts, transparent packaging, office & drawing supplies. The enormous selection of Folia products offers craft enthusiasts an endless creative paradise with everything the craft soul could wish for.

  • Marabu

    Marabu, a renowned brand for over 160 years, is synonymous with high-quality special colors. Their "Made in Germany" quality seal ensures that their paints for special printing processes, hobbies, leisure time, and demanding works of art meet global quality standards.

  • Campap

    Campap is a leading stationery brand that provides high-quality, eco-friendly paper products. Their range includes notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, and more. They are committed to sustainability and affordability, making them a top choice for stationery enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Maypap

    Maypap is a top provider of eco-friendly paper products, such as bags, boxes, and stationery. They prioritize innovation and sustainability, using advanced technology and materials. Maypap also offers customized solutions with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Claro

    Claro is a respected maker of premium writing instruments. They provide superior quality, elegant designs, and affordability even in their premium collection. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Claro has earned a reputation for excellence in meeting worldwide quality standards.

  • WriteBest

    WriteBest specializes in the design and production of a variety of display boards. Their product range includes writing boards, glass boards, notice boards, and various other display boards, all designed to cater to the needs of customers in different industries.

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