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Chameleon Fineliner 6 Pen Cool Colors

Chameleon Fineliner 6 Pen Cool Colors

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Chameleon Fineliner pens have a wonderful blending feature built into the cap of each pen, allowing you to blend from colour-to-colour and add unique gradients to your projects. Simply place the cap from another colour onto one of the pens for a few seconds, then watch the gradient unfold as you draw and write. They are an excellent choice for design work, journaling, illustrations and colouring. This pack includes a range of cool colours, ideal for adding blue, purple and grey tones to your work.

  • Built in blending feature within each pen cap
  • Seamless blending from colour-to-colour
  • Contains water-based, dry safe ink
  • 0.3mm metal clad precision tips
  • Perfect for bullet journals and planners
  • Colours Include: Baby Blue [BL2], Cornflower Blue [BL4], Royal Blue [BL6], Slate Blue [BL8], Mauve [VO2], Neutral Grey [NG4]


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