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Cretacolor Aquagraph Pencil HB

Cretacolor Aquagraph Pencil HB

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Cretacolor Aquagraph pencils offer water-soluble graphite with a subtle hint of color. When used dry, Aquagraph produces soft grey tones with a touch of color, but upon contact with water, the graphite dissolves entirely, revealing more vivid pigments. Aquagraph pencils are ideal for creating watercolor-style techniques in sketches, finished pieces, mixed media projects, and for enhancing shading, depth, and color washes.

Key Features:

  • Water-soluble graphite that dissolves completely
  • Usable when wet or dry
  • Water-soluble core encased in cedar
  • Available colors in HB hardness
  • Color becomes more apparent when wet

Perfect for:

  • Watercolor-style techniques using graphite
  • Preliminary sketches and finished artwork
  • Mixed media projects
  • Adding shading, depth, and color to graphite drawings and washes

Aquagraph pencils are available individually in HB with green, red, and blue colors.

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