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Jolly Back to School Box, 31 pieces

Jolly Back to School Box, 31 pieces

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Back to school at last! This unique metal box holds everything needed for school! 31 pieces offer all the fun of painting, drawing, and writing. So you’ll be well equipped for school!

The set includes:

  • 12 Supersticks Classic crayons in the most popular colours
  • 6 coloured pencils in metallic and neon colours for decorating and underlining
  • 3 coloured pencils Supersticks Crazy – 6 more colours in 3 pencils
  • 7 Superstars fibre-tip pens
  • 1 graphite pencil with lead HB2
  • 1 “Rubby” eraser
  • 1 wooden ruler 15 cm
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