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Jolly Booster XL Fibre Set, 6 colors

Jolly Booster XL Fibre Set, 6 colors

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Booster XL 6 Colours

Booster XL 6 Colours is the super-robust fibre-tip pen with an extra-thick tip! The extremely durable marker is perfect for small artists. Due to its particular construction, the tip is not retractable into the pen. The thick marker minimises the effects of hand strain.

  • Easy refill
  • The tip cannot be pushed into the pen
  • Rich colours
  • Washable ink
  • Big drawing fun!
  • Safety cap

JOLLY Booster XL fibre-tip pens in 14 different colours are the XL-size markers for little artists!

Booster Xl 6 Colours Contain Markers In These Brilliant Colours: 2 Light Yellow, 6 Cherry Red, 8 Cyclamen, 14 Dark Blue, 15 Light Green, 21 Medium Brown

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