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Jolly Supersticks Classic Color Pencil, 12 colors

Jolly Supersticks Classic Color Pencil, 12 colors

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Supersticks Classic 12 Colours

Supersticks Kinderfest in 12 colours: These colouring pencils are tried-and-tested coloured pencils from JOLLY. Brilliant colours, ultra-strong wooden sleeves, and the well-tested JOLLY leads guarantee pure drawing fun. Proven JOLLY quality has accompanied children drawing and painting for generations.

  • Strong lead
  • Break-resistant
  • Ultra-strong wooden sleeves
  • Rich colours
  • Long-lasting drawing fun
  • Classic hexagonal shape

The strong lead is 3.8 mm thick!

The Package Contains Crayons In These Bright Colours:

2 Light Yellow, 4 Orange, 6 Cherry Red, 7 Crimson, 8 Cyclamen, 9 Pink, 12 Light Blue, 14 Dark Blue, 15 Light Green, 18 Dark Green, 21 Medium Brown, 24 Black

Using these crayons with their rich colours ensures particularly colourful drawings and sparkling children’s eyes!

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