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Jolly Superwaxies Wax Crayon, 10 colors

Jolly Superwaxies Wax Crayon, 10 colors

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Superwaxies 10 Colors

Our Superwaxies 10 Colors are made of real beeswax and are 100% non-toxic. Their solid shape is ideal for children's hands and allows for a good grip. Superwaxies have a sleeve to quickly reload the lead, keeping children's fingers clean!

They offer a variety of painting techniques such as sgraffito, encaustic, melting, and drip techniques (e.g., in water or on lanterns) – JOLLY wax crayons for unlimited imagination!

  • Strong 8 mm lead
  • Ergonomic sleeve
  • Made of genuine beeswax
  • 10 rich colors
  • Soft & thick strokes
  • Long-lasting drawing fun

The Package Contains Crayons In These Bright Colors:

1 White, 2 Bright Yellow, 4 Orange, 5 Million, 12 Light Blue, 14 Dark Blue, 15 Light Green, 18 Dark Green, 36 Reddish Brown, 24 Black

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