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Marabu Artist Acryl Tube 12pc x 12ml

Marabu Artist Acryl Tube 12pc x 12ml

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Creating freedom for impressive masterpieces with the high-quality Marabu Artist Acryl acrylic paint. The special properties of Artist Acryl enable the best possible professional painting processes. The high pigmentation ensures the optimum color quality and intensity with impressive clarity and brilliance. The paste-like consistency allows a great variety of applications. An evenly matt and flexible surface additionally provides good conditions for unique works of art. The assortment comprises 6 colors in 75 ml, which represent the ideal start in the world of artists' acrylics.

Contents: 12 x Artist Acryl 12 ml (Primary yellow 919, Cadmium yellow deep 921, Vermilion 936, Carmine red 911, Permanent violet 951, Ultramarine blue 958, Phthalo blue 953, Phthalo green light 964, Light ochre 928, Burnt umber 948, Titanium white 970, Carbon black 974)

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